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Dominic C. Cefali is an ABTS and ABS Board Certified Cardiothoracic and General Surgeon.  He was born and raised in Gary, IN.  After finishing high school in 1979, he attended college at DePauw University in Greencastle, IN.  Dominic then entered medical school as a combined degree student.  The research portion of his training was carried out at the prestigious Krannert Institute of Cardiology with a focus on cardiac membrane biochemistry.  In 1992, Dr. Cefali graduated from the Indiana University School of Medicine with a combined M.D. and Ph.D. degree.  Over the next five years, Dr. Cefali obtained his General Surgery training at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, IN.

In 1999, Dr. Cefali completed a Fellowship with the Indiana University School of Medicine in Cardiothoracic Surgery.  Following his training he then moved to Evansville, IN where he is now in private practice as a Cardiothoracic Surgeon with the Heart Group P.C.

William L. and Anita G. Felts both grew up in Evansville, IN.

William served his country as a Marine Corps veteran during the Vietnam conflict.  He married his wife Anita in 1965.  While serving in the Marine Corps, he furthered his business administration education while attending George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

William worked in sales at Singer Optical, as a manager of the Industrial Engineering Department at Anchor Industries, and at Felts Lock Co., Inc. in Evansville, IN.

When William’s father passed away in 1972, he and his wife stepped into the family business.  They had no experience in the lock business and only one part time employee.  This innovative, hardworking team began adding new products and services and watched the business grow.  Several businesses were acquired along the way.  They purchased Elgee Lock Company in Huntingburg, IN, Gerding Lock and Safe, and Merchants Alarm of Evansville, IN.  When William and Anita sold the business to their daughter and son-in-law 31 years later, they had built Felts Lock into one of the country’s leading lock companies with over twenty employees.

Along the way, William discovered a talent for building.  He and his wife oversaw 22 plus building projects, including the Felts Lock headquarters, Automobile Club of Southern Indiana headquarters, a strip mall in Jasper, IN, and most recently the Dream Center of Evansville, IN, for at risk children.

Over the years, William served on numerous civic and church boards, including the Air Pollution Control Board, Board President of the Automobile Club of Southern Indiana, Bethel Temple Building Committee, Deacon and Trustee of Bethel Temple, YMCA, and the Evansville Chamber of Commerce.

Active in volunteer service throughout their lives, William and Anita have worked with the late John Deloren, Colonel Oliver North, evangelists Louis Palau and Pastor Benny Hinn as well as famed gospel singer Jim Hill.  They have participated in fundraising efforts for not-for-profit ministries, churches and the Media Ministries Dream Center.


Dominic Cefali

It is easy to talk about your faith with a hospital Chaplain.  That is what you do with a Chaplain even if you are new to a community.  That is how Dr. Cefali and I met in 1999 at one of the area hospitals where he had just finished a cardiac surgery.  Over the years, the conversation of faith has continued.  In the beginning, it was more peripheral, facial, historical, apologetic, etc.  Eventually it turned to how one’s faith makes a difference in how you practice medicine, how you treat patients and staff, etc.  Now the talks are more about whether we can really live as if God is enough?  Can we really let go of people, things, situations, professions, dreams, etc., trusting God in such a way that we are not in control?  Can we trust God with the outcome even when it may not ever be the way we feel like we need or that is right or just?  So when Dominic started talking to me about the “God is good” effort/ministry/promotion/business, it stretches our faith talks to a new level.  God is absolute if He is God.  If God is good, then He is the fulfillment of all that we need that is good.  Can our faith cause us to live in such a way that God’s goodness is sufficient?  Not that we have to give up everything nor pursue dreams, but if we did; could we still be satisfied.  Can we live up to this promotion that “God is good”?  Probably not completely.  We are too human.  I am proud to call Dr. Dominic Cefali a Christian brother and friend because he is inspiring me, and is trying as never before to live as if God is good all the time.

Coy Walters (Chaplain) Saint Mary’s Medical Center, Evansville, IN

William L. and Anita G. Felts

I have known Bill ever since he began coming to our church fresh out of the Marine Corps.  From the very beginning, I saw something special in Bill.  He married Anita Mominee, one of our finest girls.  Theirs has been a tale of hardworking storybook success ever since.

Bill is a strong leader, gifted organizer and an outstanding businessman.  He has served in our church as a deacon and a trustee.  He personally oversaw one of our church’s most important building expansion projects.  We still get compliments on the aesthetics of the building.

Most importantly, Bill is a Christian of high integrity who endeavors to live his life according to Biblical principles.  I consider him a true friend.

R. R. Schwambach (Pastor Emeritus) Bethel Temple Community Church, Evansville, IN

William L. and Anita G. Felts

Down through the years, God has blessed me beyond measure in my singing ministry and career.  Even before he gave me what has become my signature song, “What a Day That Will Be”, I have sensed his hand on my life.

In the beginning, I studied opera and auditioned with the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and the Metropolitan Opera Company.  It was also my privilege to sing with Elvis Presley, The Golden Keys, the Ambassadors, The Stamps Quartet and the Statesmen Quartet.  While traveling with the quartets, I met a lady in Evansville, IN named Mary Mominee (Bill’s mother-in-law!).  While directing the choir of my local church in Middletown, Ohio at a time of personal searching, I endeavored to discover what God wanted to teach me during my sojourn in the desert.  Bill had always expressed his interest in my career and phoned me one day and asked that I meet him in Louisville, KY.  Not knowing what he wanted, I drove to Louisville where we had lunch together with his wife.  They both expressed their desire to help me record one of my latest songs, “What A Day That Will Be” at Bill Gaither’s studio.  I was overwhelmed and thankful to God for their belief in in God as well as my ministry.

I have known Bill and Anita for many years, and I can state that when they tell you they will do it; you can mark it down as done.

Jim Hill (Song writer and recording artist) Middletown, Ohio